Review: East Greenwich Golf Club

Course Name: East Greenwich Golf Club

Designer: Michael Kroian (1963)

Location: East Greenwich, Rhode Island

History: Family owned since 1963, EG Golf Club is the only course in East Greenwich. Financial difficulties have set the course back in recent years, but new owners invested in it in 2017.

Conditions: 4/10, while the greens here are decent, many of these holes can get swampy and burnt out. Goose droppings also accompany you on every hole.

Value: 2/10, for $19 to walk on weekdays and $24 to walk on weekends, this course does not offer great value.


Tee                     Par         Yardage         Rating          Slope

Blue                   36           3315                35.4               126

White                36           3125                34.6               123

Red                    36           2875               35.9                125

Best Score: 40 (Blue Tees), 6/29/2014 with Ryan S. and Colin S.

Hole Descriptions: Don’t be fooled, EGGC is a tricky little 9-hole course as evidenced by its 126 slope. The opening hole is pretty innocuous as a 375 tree-lined par 4, but the 2nd is much more difficult. This sharp dogleg right requires a drive of about 220 yards for a straight uphill approach shot. OB lines the right side of this hole, making cutting the corner not really a possibility. The 3rd hole is a very intimidating 520 yard par 5 that would be a great hole if it weren’t so swampy. A tee shot from an elevated tee box is claustrophobic with OB lining the left side of the entire hole. A creek runs through the fairway about 130 yards short of the green so many players have lengthy approach shots in.

At 390 yards, the 4th hole is a straightforward par 4 with two bunkers flanking the sides of this green, while the 5th is my favorite hole on the course. At 405 yards, this hole features a pond/river running through the fairway about 280 yards out. Approaches will have to carry this water to a tiny green in the woods. The first par 3, the 6th is a pretty straightforward medium length hole at 180 yards. A giant bunker guards short of this green. The 7th hole provides the best scoring opportunity on the course as a 500 yard downhill par 5. The drive on this hole is the most difficult part as trees line the left side and drives down the right will have to contend with the pond from 6. The signature hole, the 8th, is a solid 400 yard dogleg left par 4 whose fairway runs out about 250 yards from the tee. Drives will have to stay short of this water, and completely carry the water to get to this green. At 200 yards, the finishing hole is a pretty strong par 3 with a very sloped green. The parking lot is behind this hole, making me wonder how many windshields have been broken by overzealous golfers with driver in hand.

Best Par 3: 9th hole, 200 yards, 15th handicap. A challenging hole, this long par 3 requires a carry over a valley to an elevated green. There are few greens I’ve played that are as severely sloped as back-to-front as this one.

Best Par 4: 5th hole, 405 yards, 3rd handicap. While many people will like the 8th hole better, I found the 5th to be my favorite. Water won’t really come into play on this drive, but a good drive is required to give you a reasonable second chance at this tiny green and carry the water. This green is perfectly framed with tall trees surrounding it and water in front.

Best Par 5: 3rd hole, 520 yards, 11th handicap. Unfortunately, this hole is always in rough shape due to drainage issues, but remains a challenge nonetheless. Few holes I’ve played feature such a downhill gradient on the teeshot, making it one of the more fun driving holes in the state. Dense forest lines the entire left side, and a creek makes you think about your second shot.

General Comments: There is no range here, and pace of play has been terrible when I’ve played. The restaurant attached Bistro 9 is fantastic though.

Verdict: While East Greenwich packs a punch few 9 hole courses in the area can, poor conditioning and overpricing make East Greenwich a course to avoid.


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