Review: Bristol Golf Club

Course Name: Bristol Golf Club

Designer: Unknown (1964)

Location: Bristol, Rhode Island

History: N/A

Conditions: 1/10, Conditions were as bad as it gets. In particular, the third hole’s green was unputtable while goose droppings were plentiful and fairways were extremely. soggy. Bunkers were unplayable and green speeds themselves were very slow.

Value: 2/10, I think when I played it was $17 for 9 holes which is a rip-off, but now I’ve read that it is $12.


Tee                     Par         Yardage         Rating          Slope

White                32           2097                N/A               N/A

Best Score: The course was in such bad shape keeping score was impossible, 8/16/2013 by myself

Hole Descriptions: Bristol is quite frankly a course that should not have been built. It is in the middle of an industrial plant and the noises and scenery are ungodly. The opening hole is a short 130 yard par 3. The 2nd hole might be the worst hole in the state – a 250 yard par 4 with power lines and poles running down the fairways and an industrial park on your left. “Aim for the pole” should never be said on a golf course. The 3rd hole plays uphill at 145 yards, but this green was unplayable. The 4th hole was the best hole on the course – a downhill 130 yard par 3 in decent shape with water behind the green. After another mundane par 3, the 6th hole is a 337 yard straightaway par 4 with water on the left and OB on the right side. The 7th is their “signature hole”, a 480 yard par 5 with an industrial park on the right. The most difficult hole on the course was the 8th, a long downhill 220 yard par 3. The 9th was a confusing and poorly designed finishing par 4. At only 225 yards, this hole requires a mid-iron off the tee and a short approach over water to a back-to-front sloping green.

Best Par 3: 4th hole, 130 yards, 9th handicap. The best hole on the course, this decent short par 3 plays downhill with water directly behind and a large overhanging tree left of this green.

Best Par 4: 6th hole, 337 yards, 2nd handicap. Beating the 2nd and 9th holes is nothing to ride home about, but this short par 4 is undeniably the best on the course with water on the left and OB to the right, forcing players to think critically about club choice.

Best Par 5: 7th hole, 480 yards, 1st handicap. By virtue of being the only par 5, this hole wins, but it is still a terrible hole. The obnoxious bright blue factories and constant drilling next to this hole ruin any fun it may have as a short par 5.

General Comments: Pace of play is generally decent, as not many people play the course. I will also note that there are no yardage markers on the course. There are also no practice facilities.

Verdict: There are few absolutes on my blog, but here is one: If a course is featured in the New York Times for how bad it is, then it will be at the basement of my rankings. Bristol GC is only worth a play if you enjoy sarcasm or want to truly appreciate the good courses.

Powerlines greet you on the second hole

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